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Draught OR Checkers – 36 Days to #PH2020 Opening Ceremony

Draught OR Checkers – 36 Days to #PH2020 Opening Ceremony

The Draught, otherwise called Checkers is another mind sport with ancient roots.

The earliest form was a game discovered in an archeological dig at Ur in Iraq.

Carbon dating makes it appear that it was played around 3000 BC but with a slightly different board and pieces.

By 1100,a Frenchman got the idea of playing the game on a chess board. It was then called “Fierges” or “Ferses”.

Making jumps mandatory made the game more challenging.This version was called “Jeu force”.
The older version was considered more of a social game for women and was called “Le Jeu Plaisant DE Dames”.

The rules were set and the game exported to England and America.
Books were written on the game in Spain as early as mid 1500s’ and in England ,a mathematician, William Payne wrote his own treatise on Draughts in 1756.
Through the years, it has retained its popularity.

In 1847,the first world championship was awarded.
The 1st program to be put on a computer was created in 1952 by Arthur L. Samuel.

I’m Africa, it has been dated to be played as far back as the sixteenth century.

Today, the game is as healthy as ever. The game provides:
– good training in logic and thought
– memory recall
– concentration
– sound judgement
– decision making
– problem solving
– lowers blood pressure
– reduces stress
– boosts your immune system.

Draught would be played in #PH2020

Don’t miss it!

Experience Port Harcourt!

‘Jo KN

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