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NMA Rivers AGM AND Scientific Conference 2019 4th - 10th of August 2019
NMA Rivers AGM AND Scientific Conference 2019 5th of August 2019
NMA Rivers AGM AND Scientific Conference 2019 10th of August 2019
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Dear noble colleagues and you, I’m so delighted and excited to welcome you to the new NMA Rivers website. This website has been custom built from the scratch for us. We’re hoping it will be a one stop shop for all doctors in the state to interact and do their business whilst providing a community that brings all of us together.

Bloggers and vloggers have a space as the website would be a first stop location for Health info of and about this clime.

We have an NMA TV to show our programmes and Health Information. This is truly the advertisers’ dream.

Jobs can be advertised on the website making it easier to communicate locum jobs.

It has also been made easier with a mobile application that allows for push notifications of our activities.

Join us in this new innovation, if you’re a medical doctor practicing or residing in Rivers State please click on link below to register

Click HERE

Please download the NMA Rivers mobile app at Google PlayStore.

Warm Regards

Prof. Chizindu Dike Alikor
Chairman, NMA Rivers.


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